Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Where can I find Xpression Braids in Canada?

Are you looking for Xpression braids? 

Xpression braids is made by X-pression. Their product is particularly good for twist, and braiding. When weaving this is better to use over other braids because this one tends to itch less compared to other braids.
Xpression Braids is a high quality braid that does not itch.

Xpression braids benefits:

  • No itch: this braid is made with really good quality and the threads are a lot more compacted vs other braids.
  • Very Long: this braid is longer then most average braids
  • Great Price: for the value you get, this product is definitely a good deal!
  • Tangle-free: this product can take harsh brushing
  • Super Light: it is very light compared to other braids, about 30% lighter.
  • Hot Water Use: this product can be used with hot boiling water, and it will not frizz.
You can buy this at a number of online stores and retailers. Check out House of Beauty - for some great deals on xpression braids

About House of Beauty - The Online Canadian Retailer of Braids

House of beauty is located near Toronto, Ontario. We carry all kinds of braids, hair products, and other beauty supplies. Some of our most popular hair products include: ramoni hair products, silicon mix, shea moisture, and more.. We also carry popular braids such as: Xpression Braids, Magic Braid, kanekalon, and Sambar.

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